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Server Security
Server Security


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cPanel is the industry leading control panel that helps you manage your web hosting infrastructure.

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LiteSpeed Web Server is a drop-in Apache replacement and the leading high-performance, high-scalability server from LiteSpeed Technologies

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35% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.

Server Security

WordPress Brute-Force Protection

Built-in brute-force protection at the server level, drops malicious connections once detected.  
Data Backup


Your data is important to us. Backups are stored in 3 locations at all times.  Add an additional destination, of your own choosing, in our one click installer.

Fast Page Speed

Speed And Performance

Cutting-edge features make LiteSpeed-powered sites significantly faster than competitors. Traffic spikes are handled with minimal impact on performance.

All Plans Include

LiteSpeed and cPanel

The speed and security of LiteSpeed ensures your site is safe and faster than ever. cPanel is the industry standard control panel with many features at your fingertips including free SSL!

Data Backup

Backups, Backups, BACKUPS!

No less than 3 backup destinations at all times.  2 offsite and 1 local ensure your data is retrievable at anytime.

One Click Installer

WordPress Safe Updates

Powered by Installatron one click installer, keeping your WordPress website updated has never been easier.  Designate your own backup location (On Disk, Dropbox, Google Drive, S3) means a restore is a single click away. Automatically update with safe updates that will automatically restore your site in the event there is an issue.

Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

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Halcyon Hosting saved my site!

When I met Tim & Megan from Halcyon Hosting, I was on the brink of losing my entire site. From the moment I met them, they’ve worked tirelessly & have been the advocates & friends I needed to get my site running correctly. With Halcyon Hosting, I have lightning-fast speed, error-free pages & updated plugins, automatic saves, connection to Google; etc. Truly, the list is a mile long.
No matter how small the question, Halcyon Hosting is there to help me along the way.
Halycon Hosting truly is a boutique host. When I was with a larger host, I couldn’t get anyone to answer questions or help me with anything. I was at my wit’s end.
With Halcyon Hosting, help is just an e-mail or a phone call away. Tim & Megan are patient & they want all of their clients to succeed. Halcyon Hosting continues to educate me on the tools, tips & updates I need to be doing to ensure my pages rank.
I am beyond proud of my site & I am so grateful to Halycon Hosting. With personalized hosting & expert capabilities, Halycon Hosting has my highest recommendation. They service small personal sites to larger sites with care, professionalism & expertise.

Aluma Aesthetic Medicine

Halcyon Hosting is so much more than a hosting company. The increased browser speed helped our business perform better in searches. In addition, when you need support, his messaging platform is there to help (an email works too). Say goodbye to long chat support lines with someone on the other end who is working with five other chats. We have all been there.

 In addition, Tim Yardley, has walked me through various other pieces of web-related information, from domain sites to SEO. He got my customer engagement emails into our client’s inboxes via a verification process in cPanel that I could not figure out. His services and knowledge are truly priceless.